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Payroll Bureau – Terms of Engagement

What we have undertaken to do:-

We shall prepare your payroll from information provided by you, including:

  • provision of payslips for employees and the Revenue;
  • completion of the Annual Returns and Summaries (Forms P35, P14 and P60);
  • the issue of P45s to employees leaving; assisting with completion of P46s;
  • calculating statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay.

As an Inland Revenue Accredited Agent we will file on-line all or any of the above and ensure you obtain the benefit of any incentive payments for doing so.

What we require you to do:-

Provide us with the information requested, correctly, in good time to enable the payroll to be processed without the need for revision, and to respond promptly to our requests for information to enable us to do so.

Additional / Optional Services

Should you wish we can assist you with the following, for which separate charges will be made:-

  • Completion of the Annual Benefits-in-Kind Returns for Directors and Employees (P11Ds, P11D(B)s and P9Ds);
  • Drafting Contracts of Employment;
  • Assisting with disciplinary matters and terminations.
  • Advising with regard to redundancies and entitlements.

Not included in the standard charges:

  • Occasional matters such as work involving third parties eg. implementing CSA and Court Orders involving deductions from wages; resolution of enquiries into PAYE Coding Notices or unpaid balances of PAYE. While we are happy to undertake such work for you additional fees may arise if significant..

Duration of Engagement

We shall provide you with a quotation to undertake your payroll for the tax year to 5th April or for the part year to that date as appropriate. In or about February of each year we shall advise you of our fees for the forthcoming tax year and shall treat the engagement as continuing year-to-year until such time as you advise us otherwise.

You may give us notice of termination with immediate effect at any time during the tax year and we shall simply charge an appropriate proportion of the annual fee.


Our annual fees will be billed in installments at appropriate intervals (typically quarterly). We may terminate or suspend acting if payment of fees is unduly delayed.

We price our additional / optional services having regard to their value, including the time spent by us, the urgency of the work, and the levels of skill and responsibility involved.

We reserve the right to make additional charges where we are required to re-work the payroll as a result of errors in the information provided or where changes have been requested following the payroll run or preparation of Annual Returns or other forms or submissions.


Should you wish to discuss any of the above please contact Colin Grey on 01792 310110 in the first instance.

Tax Disputes

Much tax and VAT law is uncertain in its impact. Differing views of the tax implications of the same transaction may tenably be held. Where we have made a claim for relief, or reached any other conclusion or made any decision or given any advice in the course of acting as your agent for tax purposes, and that claim, decision or advice was reasonably made or given having regard to the circumstances and information available at the time and the then prevailing treatment generally understood to be acceptable, we shall not be held liable for any additional tax, interest or penalties or other costs howsoever arising, which became payable as a result of an Inland Revenue enquiry or investigation or any other circumstance where the Revenue or any other party's view is found to prevail or is conceded.

General Conditions

We may terminate or suspend our engagement and cease acting if payment of any fees is unduly delayed.  In the event of dispute jurisdiction will be by Swansea Magistrates Court. We reserve the right to exercise a lien upon any documentation we hold in the event of non-payment of fees.

All demands, services and notices required by any regulation or Act of Parliament must be made in writing to the Company at:

The Business Centre
132 Samlet Rd

Service of such notices by e-mail will not be a valid service under the Arbitration Act 1996.


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